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Choral accompaniment

The National Symphonic Chamber Orchestra (NASKA) perform varied concert programmes in The Netherlands, and frequently accompanies choirs and works on CD and DVD recordings. The orchestra has built up a wide standard repertoire and can therefore offer both experience and flexibility. As an organisation we guarantee reliablility and high standards of professionalism both in the orchestra and management.

Contractual aspects

NASKA draws up contracts and pays musicians' fees, dealing with all financial aspects including all fiscal and social premiums, travelling expenses, insurance etc.

The concert promoter will receive a statement together with the invoice, showing that all required fiscal premiums have been paid.

The concert promoter is required to pay VAT at 6% on the fees.

Disclosure and possible payment of any copyright fees are the sole responsibility of the concert promoter (see )

For a quotation, with no obligation, please contact:

Anita Jongerman (Musical director/ leader NASKA)

T: +31 628120878


Contracts are drawn up by:

Jan Vermaning (Orchestra manager NASKA)

Op-Maat, cultuurpromotie & impresariaat

T: +31 655963218